Payment Solutions

Dehnad has a payment platform that allows companies to accept online and mobile payments from buyers, with localized payment options

Dehnad Payments Solutions

Payments Solutions

Dehnad Payments Solutions pay to play

Pay to Play

It is obvious that today there are more mobile games than ever. This is a fact that there is just a small bunch of mobile games that monetize themselves from increasingly diverse sources and it is a sign of more exciting app future.

Dehnad Payments Solutions subscription


Rather than selling products individually, a subscription sells periodically (monthly or yearly or seasonal) the right to use or access a product or service. In addition, it provides the easiest way to support non-profit organizations.

Dehnad Payments Solutions ubility bills

utility bills

Paying utility bills is one of the tasks that each of us is dealing with every week. We have solutions and systems that you can have fun, win prizes, have discounts and etc.
In fact, we concentrate on this type of payment for years and we have done many cool things before.