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Dehnad operates a Publishing department, helping indie developers and game companies bring their games to mobile markets. We publish third-party games the same way we treat our own titles, by providing quality collaboration throughout the whole publishing process, clear marketing plans, and guaranteed results.

Dehnad game publishing

game publishing

Dehnad game publishing category


The number of game categories is huge and different. The game is the top article, below which come many sub-categories. Here are the categories we focused on: Strategy, Educational, Adventure, Sports.

Dehnad game publishing payment model

payment model

We provide various payment models and options including in-app purchase, subscription and etc. Using these models, you can charge a vast group of costumers with different means and increase your revenue.

Dehnad game publishing revenue model

revenue model

We monetize your app through a wide variety of revenue models such as freemium, premium. In addition to, our mobile ad network earns extra money for you by every ad you show. We have a subscription model that revolutionizes your revenue.